In process plants, liquids, gases, vapours and pellets are transported by pipelines. Industrial valves open or close transport routes or regulate the flow of media. AUMA actuators are controlled remotely from the process control room.
AUMA multi-turn actuators are used e.g. to automate gate valves or shut-off valves. They are the most versatile products within the AUMA family.
apis centar i auma Actuators-SVC-and-SVCR

Actuators SVC and SVCR

10 Nm to 100 Nm

Part-turn reinforcements – flaps, butterfly or ball valves – are often designed not to have limiters for end positions, but to move. In order to still be accurately positioned in the end position during manual operation, the SQ(R) type part-turn actuators contain internal end stops.
To perform linear movements, e.g. in the case of shut-off valves, the multi-turn actuator type SA can be combined with the linear unit LE, forming a linear actuator. In case a lever must be used, the linear unit can be mounted on the stand.

SDL/SDG actuator

2 kN to 15 kN

AUMA spur and taper multi-turn gearboxes in combination with SA(R) type multi-turn actuators are used to increase torque or change the position of the output shaft. Gearboxes can of course also be used on manually operated valves.
Bevel gearboxes GK

Bevel G/L Gearbox

up to 16,000 Nm


Spur gearbox GST

up to 16,000 Nm

Multi-turn gearbox GHT

GHT multi-turn gearbox

up to 120,000 Nm

AUMA part-turn gearboxes are used where a 90° swivel is required to operate the valve, damper or shutter. The combination of the part-turn gearbox and the multi-turn actuator achieves higher torques, and they complement the range of part-turn actuators.
gearboxes GS

GS worm gearbox

up to 675,000 Nm

Gearboxes GQB

GQB worm gearbox

from 21,000 Nm to 84,000 Nm


Manual planetary gearbox GHE

from 125 Nm to 1,000 Nm

Integrated controllers evaluate drive signals and start-up commands, and immediately turn the engine on and off via built-in thyristors. Integrated AC, ACV and AM type controls can be combined with SA(R) and SQ(R) type actuators.


Integrated microprocessor-based management with comprehensive functions

Explosion-proof versions AM

Explosion-proof version AM

Easy integrated management with base functions



Easy integrated management with base functions

Explosion-proof versions AC

Explosion-proof version AC

Integrated microprocessor-based management with comprehensive functions



Integrated microprocessor-based management with comprehensive functions in SIL design

Parallel control, fieldbus or both due to redundancy? When you decide on fieldbus communication, which protocol to use? Regardless of your interface decision, AUMA actuators can be equipped with the appropriate interface for all systems established in the process management technique. Cost reduction is one of the main arguments for using fieldbus technology.
If additional signaling, torque measurement, mounting adjustment or protective equipment is required, AUMA offers a large selection of accessories.
AC 01.2 S on wall bracket DS - Electrical connection

Wall bracket for AC and AM

Adjustment for on-site mounting

SA 10.2 - AC 01.2 - Sunshade - Fit sunshade


Protective equipment

GS 80.3 - Assembly - Chainwheel - Mounted chain

Handwheel special variants: Chain

Adaptation to on-site assembly

SF 10.2 - Product presentation

Floor pedestal

Adaptation to on-site assembly


Vandalism protection

Protective equipment

Handwheel extension - Damper

Handwheel special variants: Extension

Adaptation to on-site assembly

SA 10.2 - Assembly - Handwheel locking device - Fig. 2

Lockable hand-wheel

Protective equipment

Whether it is hydropower plants, dams, flood protection systems or wastewater drainage, AUMA offers different types of lifting technique for metal structures, depending on the requirements. The equipment is divided into three main groups, electrocylinders, rack and pinion and threaded spindle systems.