If additional signaling, torque measurement, mounting adjustment or protective equipment is required, AUMA offers a large selection of accessories.
AC 01.2 S on wall bracket DS - Electrical connection

Wall bracket for AC and AM

Adjustment for on-site mounting

SA 10.2 - AC 01.2 - Sunshade - Fit sunshade


Protective equipment

GS 80.3 - Assembly - Chainwheel - Mounted chain

Handwheel special variants: Chain

Adaptation to on-site assembly

SF 10.2 - Product presentation

Floor pedestal

Adaptation to on-site assembly


Vandalism protection

Protective equipment

Handwheel extension - Damper

Handwheel special variants: Extension

Adaptation to on-site assembly

SA 10.2 - Assembly - Handwheel locking device - Fig. 2

Lockable hand-wheel

Protective equipment