Part-turn gearboxes

GS-type gearboxes are suitable for open-closed and modulating operation. Turn angles > 90° as well as multi-turn applications are possible. GQB-type gearboxes are suitable for applications that require a simpler, more cost-effective gearbox. GQB is exclusively designed for open-closed operation and positioning. The angle of swivel is limited to a maximum of 90°. Part-turn gearboxes in combination with a lever and stand offer an optimal solution when e.g. dampers can only be operated via a lever connection (e.g. due to lack of space).
AUMA part-turn gearboxes are used where a 90° swivel is required to operate the valve, damper or shutter. The combination of the part-turn gearbox and the multi-turn actuator achieves higher torques, and they complement the range of part-turn actuators.
gearboxes GS

GS worm gearbox

up to 675,000 Nm

Gearboxes GQB

GQB worm gearbox

from 21,000 Nm to 84,000 Nm


Manual planetary gearbox GHE

from 125 Nm to 1,000 Nm