Hydrotechnical equipment

The equipment is divided into three main groups, electrocylinders, rack and pinion and threaded spindle systems.

Hydrotechnical equipment

Whether it is hydropower plants, dams, flood protection systems or wastewater drainage, AUMA offers different types of lifting technique for metal structures, depending on the requirements. The equipment is divided into three main groups, electrocylinders, rack and pinion and threaded spindle systems.

Electric cylinders

The most common equipment for hydrotechnics is a combination of an electric actuator and a lift cylinder, i.e. an electrocylinder.

It is precisely in steel structures in hydrotechnics that large traction and thrust forces are often required, for example for doors on ship locks or for heavy radial shutters and tilting doors. AUMA’s system solutions are ideal for generating the forces needed to do so. Electrocylinders generate traction forces up to 2000 kN in a fully electromechanical manner. They are designed for frequent operation, lifting up to 8 meters is possible, and Fail-safe applications are also easily realized.

Such an electromechanical solution has a number of advantages: it is durable, easy to install, robust and does not need to be maintained. In addition, it is very ecologically-oriented, and therefore suitable for environmentally sensitive areas. Operating and maintenance costs are extremely low.

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The electrocylinder is an ecological alternative to hydraulic actuators

The electrocylinder is an environmental alternative to hydraulic actuators, with its construction where the main parts are nuts and the threaded spindle does not use oil as a driving medium, and there is no risk of it leaking into the environment.

Automation solutions with electrocylinders have proven themselves for more than 25 years in a wide range of demanding applications in hydropower and steel structures in hydrotechnics. Several thousand such solutions are used every day in Europe alone. In countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, France and Belgium, electrocylinders are often used on dams and channels that are often used. The gate door must be opened and closed frequently, and a high level of availability is of particular importance. This is especially worth the robust performance and reliable operation of lifting electrocylinders.

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AUMA electrocylinders are ideal for the following applications

  • Segmental closures, panel closures, wheel sliding closures, etc.
  • Tilting doors and gates on the gates
  • High water level protection gates
  • Corner doors, folding doors and rotating segment doors on ship locks
  • Drop-down weight reinforcements
  • Turbine control
  • Movable bridge starting and locking such as folding, vertically lifting and swing-span bridges

APIS has extensive experience in the application of electrocylinders, and our experts can help you choose customized solutions for your needs.


Rack and pinion

A more cost-effective alternative to an electrocylinder is the so-called rack and pinion.

The rack and pinion in combination with the gearbox is used to raise/lower steel structures. The actuator enables remote control of the lifting system and offers all the advantages when using electric actuators.

The advantages of rack and pinion are, among other things, the possibility of mechanical locking of it, the Fail Safe function (lowering without power, the weight of the barrier and the controlled speed during gravity closing (integrated brake module). Unlike the electrocylinder, the rack and pinion is limited by a maximum lifting force of 2 x 32 tons.

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Threaded spindle systems

Trapezoidal threaded spindles are often used on locks and tabular stops to transmit lifting force. Depending on the structure, one or two threaded spindles are used, which can be lifting or non-lifting.

AUMA offers suitable gearboxes and actuators for all types of threaded spindles that can be easily adapted to specific needs.

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Expert guide to hydraulic steel structures

Expert manual for hydraulic steel structures by Mr. Claus Zander is now available as a PDF in English and German.

The book provides a solid basis for the automation of gates, dams and locks. Furthermore, it provides valuable information and ideas regarding the planning and design of works on hydraulic steel structures.